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It took me a while to get here myself. I’ve often felt like a bit of a paradox. I’m a big picture thinker who loves all the details. I’m an extroverted introvert (It’s real! I’m real!). I think data and stats are the most amazing things, except for beautiful design and it’s ability to communicate complexities. I adore working for myself and but also am so grateful to have an awesome team with whom to troubleshoot and brainstorm (love you W+M). I’m born and raised in Colorado; I don’t ski. You get the picture.

I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and a Masters in Urban Planning. I’ve lived in the most beautiful places in the world: Italy, New Zealand, and Colorado. I even worked as a master-gelato-maker in New Zealand where I met my now-husband by denying him more free samples. True story.

I’m obsessed with historic houses and old school buses - so I’ve gotten both! I’ve spent most of my free time in the last few years either building custom cabinets, tiling and grouting kitchens, erecting some walls, tearing down others, and trying to find crazy complicated crown molding to match 100 year old homes, OR grinding rust out of a metal floor, installing solar systems, wiring (and rewiring), researching 3-way refrigerators, and designing a custom couch/bed/storage unit in a 25 year old Bluebird TC2000 school bus.

While I’m a firm believer in all things spreadsheets, I also know that what makes my own home special isn’t as easy to quantify. It’s got those tall, skinny windows that are low enough for my dog to watch the neighborhood through. It came with a folder of old documents and photos passed down from previous owners at different stages of remodeling. It has a brick basement with an old coal shoot and massive coal boiler that’s borderline impossible to remove. Ok maybe that’s not my most favorite part… But the point is, it’s not just the price per square foot. It’s the the warm place we return to after a trip to the mountains, where my friends stop by for dinner, where neighbors bring over a bottle of wine, and where the squirrels torment my dog into pure, raging psychosis.  It’s all the little things that happen in those square feet. I love it more and more every day, and truly enjoy helping others find and create their own home or investment property that they feel the same way about.

Now that you know a little too much about me, let’s get to the good stuff. Tell me about you! Click here.